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About us

Hi there👋,
We are team Shruti & Dravya, A team of Experienced Software developers, designer & Marketing Geeks based in India.

We are on a mission to empower Hospitality Industry especially Restaurants Businesses of various Models (QSR, Fine-Dine, Takeaway etc). We are here to solve Most of your Problem which you are feeling right now in your business, whether it is Branding, Website/App, Online Booking, Social Media Marketing, and Operation management.

We also know, that you are really tired of Paying tooo high cost for the different software required for Branding, Website(or App), Social Media Management and Operation CRM’s.

In order to make your routine easy, and Growth to new levels in your Targeted Audience,
We at dravyafolio, have designed an amazing Package Called, Business Booster Package (BBP).

And most importantly, In your Average monthly Budget comparatively to your current solution.

Our team 👨🏼‍💻

Meet the Founders

We are backed with 5+ Professionals for each process who have been tested with 100’s of business earlier in order to completely understand the working of Hospitality Industry.

Dravya, He is the CEO & Co-Founder. He is experienced in Software Development.
Shruti, She is the CMO & Co-Founder. She is experience in Organic Growth Marketing and Branding.

Some more members are their to manage the work efficiently.

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Our USP 🪄

We cover all your Needs under One Platform

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Our Clients

Success Stories of

Here you will find our Client records we have worked with,

Book your Appointment today, if you don’t way to miss out the opportunity Or you will Find your Competitor in our Next month Roll-Out

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Have a Look on what our Clients have shared after working with us, In Just 3 months of BBP in their business, they have achieved better Business growth and more ways to expand in Budget

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and much more...💖

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Suitable For

Before moving Ahead, Lets understand for whom our Program is Suited. We have Proven Strategies, Plans, Testimonials, Case Studies and Experience to the below Segments😇

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Running Business

We are in partnership with several multi-location Restaurant Outlets(Chains) operating in USA, UK and other Countries successfully. We have been working with them as a Tech Team, Backing their business in all technical aspects to make their work even easier then the expensive solutions which you might be using Currently and also feels the same kind of pain and frustration in your routine.

You will need these services to Start and Manage your Business

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Your Current Balance Sheet might Look like this😔

There might be Some Variations depending on your business Models

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Don’t You think, Its huge!!!🤔

Yes, it is!!!
So we Created a Solution for you, to Improve the results and manage the costing Effectively!

With BBP, Our Team will empower you with the Following😇

Which is even more amazing in terms of Results.

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So, What Do You think now!!🤔 How much should this Package would Cost you!!

No... No... You are Wrong My Friend.

before showing the Price, I would like to Show you some more features!!

Hold Your Heart!💖

Online Reservation

Being in a Hospitality Business, especially Restaurants of any type, The most important is for Online Reservation

Booking & Management

Efficient Table Booking & Management in dynamic manner can increase your Daily Space Rotation by upt0 40%

Customer Management

The most important thing and one of the most avoided Thing in your Business, Managing relationships with Customer, We are taking care that too.

Content Management

Best Practice for developing new relations is scheduling content in advance, Our team will be preparing the content and scheduling them in advance.

Guest Profiling

Encouraging Guest with Social Shoutout, Digital Goodies, memorable, Tags make theme motivated to Visit you again and bring more friends as well!😇

Loyalty Program

A proven method that would empowers your business and make it a top Priority to visit Regularly, is the LMS

Online Advance Reports

The world is having a new diversion towards AI & ML, With Accurate data about each thing we can make Precise decision, and scale business.

Inventory Management

Budgeting is a very important factor while managing the operation, 
Our IMS would help you to keep track of all your inventory with Real time updates

Staff Management

Taking care for your Staff will increase their Productivity & your Business, Our Advance module for Staff management will allow you to manage your Staff performance Easily

Order Management

If you want to grow, then the best method is to automate the process and make more and more Innovation, Our Order Management System will help you in that automation.

Finance Management

If you are also using third party tools for managing your finance, then be alert, It is something which only you should manage it on your System (Highly Private)

Dynamic Digital Menu

Making a Dynamic Menu will help you in increasing Average order value for all customers, with our Menu Management System(MMS) It became very easy.

Events Booking

It you feels stuck with your Booking operation even after using the most expensive tool available, Just try Our CRM, and your problem will solve immediately.

Recipe Management System

Managing and innovating your Recipe could be difficult if you are using old style Document/Notes for your Recipes, We provide you new solution for RMS

Social Gathering Booking

If your Restaurants is a Place for Business/Event meetings, then congratulation, we have something really amazing for your use-case, just to increase your Space Rotation.

Invoice Management

Providing a Proper invoice to all your Customer with your Personal branding could cost you 100’s of Doller, But we save that amount by our Automated Invoice Manager

Email Marketing

The most effective tool for building Long term relation-ships with your Customer is Email Marketing.
You can see, We also approached you on Mail

SMS/WhatsApp Marketing

With WhatsApp Marketing, you can reach to your Customers at any point of Time, and that too with very low cost!!😇 That too Very personalized

Upselling, Cross-selling

Our Menu Researchers and Mood experts would design the menu in such a way, that you would be able to increase the average order Value by atleast 30%

Subscription Management

Reports says, if you are having any kind of subscription system implemented on your operation, that would increase your Revenue by >10%

Social Media Integration

The most powerful toll for 21st Century, is already in your hand, all you need is some professional help in monetizing that for your business growth,

Personalized Gift Card

Everyone loves the Gifts🎁 and if you as a Restaurants, just mentions their name on your Social media, it makes your Customer feels special, so we had automated that process.

Online Reservation

The best thing to plan your Customer satisfaction is to provide them the flexibility to Reserve any Specific seats in your Restaurant.

Merchandise Addons

While working in a Team, it give a sense of professionalism, when all of the staff members are wearing same kind of merchandise, which benefits the Brand Value.

Payment Security

Finance is something really sensitive matter,
All we do it, install extra Algorithms over our Payment systems which makes the payment functionality safe, reliable and Secure

HR & Payroll Management

If you feels, that your most of time got consumed in Hiring/training and other Management Stuff, Then relax, we have a solution.🎁

Google Restaurant listing

Researches says, before going to any restaurants, 80% User generally looks for the reviews, ratings, ambience on Google, Which makes it really important

FB & Insta Business Page

Our 3 Billion active users are their on FB & Insta every month,
This is something we can’t ignore if we want to grow our Business.

Tipping with Online Order

Having some extra money motivates everyone to do better work,
We introduced an algorithm to provides rewards to staff based on performance

Task Scheduling

Time management is something which can change the overall performance of your Business, If your order is delayed by just 5 Min, if might cause Loses

Employee Attendance

Providing a Proper invoice to all your Customer with your Personal branding could cost you 100’s of Doller, But we save that amount by our Automated Invoice Manager

Employee Reports

Employee are the Backbone of your Company, In order to train, manage the staff, you would be needed to track their work properly!

Document Manager

If you still uses, Google Doc or drive for documenting purpose, then we thing you can save more than 100min per day with dravyafolio’s BBP.

Assts Manager

If you are having the digital assets stored in your local system in unorganized, and irregular manner, You might be overspending on the creatives/Graphic parts

Employee Training Module

If you are training the Employee every-time by your self, then you might not be doing things appropriately, You need to build SOP’s to make your Business Grow Rapidly!

Balance Sheet

Get access to 100’s of Advance Balance sheet template and Monthly analysis done by professionals with 10+ years of Experience

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Now as you Know what you will get with this BBP Package.

Can you guess what are the Charges for it!!

Just Scroll and you will find your Answer😇

But For Today!
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